Posted On: Sep 5, 2023

The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) Command Line Interface (CLI) announces the launch of SAM CLI local testing and debugging on HashiCorp Terraform. The AWS SAM CLI is a developer tool that makes it easier to build, test, package, and deploy serverless applications. Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool that lets you build, change, and version cloud and on-premises resources safely and efficiently.

Customers can now use the SAM CLI to locally test and debug AWS Lambda functions and Amazon API Gateway defined in their Terraform application. SAM CLI can read the infrastructure resource information from the Terraform project and start Lambda functions and API Gateway endpoints locally running in a Docker container. Customers can invoke their function or API endpoint with an event payload, or attach a debugger using AWS toolkits on IDE to step through the Lambda function code. Previously, SAM CLI only supported local testing and debugging on CloudFormation templates. With this change, Terraform users can use the SAM CLI local testing commands like sam local start-api, sam local start-lambda and sam local invoke on their Terraform projects to speed up their development cycles. They can also use sam local generate command to generate mock test events for local testing.

This feature is supported with Terraform version 1.1+. To learn more about this feature, please see the compute blog and documentation. You can install the latest version of the SAM CLI by following the instructions in the documentation.