Posted On: Oct 5, 2023

You can now receive a single feed of AWS Health events on Amazon EventBridge from all accounts within your organization in AWS Organizations using organizational view and delegated administrator. AWS Health is the authoritative source of information about service events and planned changes affecting your AWS cloud resources. EventBridge is a serverless integration service that makes it easier to build event-driven applications at scale using events generated from your applications, third-party SaaS applications, and AWS services. 

This new feature provides a centralized way to automate the management of Health events across your organization by creating rules on EventBridge to take actions. For example, you can create a rule to send all Health events in your organization to another tool of your choice.

This feature is available in all AWS Regions except the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, China (Beijing, operated by Sinnet), and China (Ningxia, operated by NWCD).

To learn more about the enabling organizational view for AWS Health, using the delegated administrator feature, and receiving AWS Health events using EventBridge, please refer to the user guide.