Posted On: Oct 16, 2023

Amazon CloudWatch announces out-of-the box, best practice alarm recommendations for AWS service-vended metrics. It provides alarm recommendations and alarm configurations for key vended metrics, along with the ability to download pre-filled infrastructure-as-code templates for these alarms. Furthermore, you can now see in-line descriptions for AWS service metrics across the AWS console, which enables you to easily see metric details to help you troubleshoot or assess system health.

At launch we support 19 AWS services and will continue to expand support for more services. You can now easily see all metrics with recommended alarms by applying an alarm recommendation toggle. We have made it easier to create alarms and now you can use the alarm wizard with pre-filled configuration for the recommended alarms. Alternatively, you can bulk download the auto-generated infrastructure-as-code for recommended alarms, so you can easily add them to your templates to automate your monitoring provisioning.

We have added in-line metric information to the AWS vended metrics displayed in the console. With this information, you can see the metric description, units, and meaningful statistics, to help you understand their definition and how they apply to your services. You can see metric descriptions across the AWS console for supported AWS services.

The alarm recommendations and metric descriptions are now available in all AWS commercial regions at no additional cost and you can start using them immediately. To learn more about them, please refer to our documentation