Posted On: Nov 17, 2023

Amazon EventBridge EventBus allows customers to audit and monitor the actions in their AWS environments through events that are generated by AWS CloudTrail for API calls. Previously, only mutating API calls (for example: Create, Update, or Delete) were available in EventBridge. With support for read-only API events (for example: List, Get or Describe), customers will be able to receive and process the full suite of CloudTrail events from services that are integrated with EventBridge. 

Amazon EventBridge EventBus is a serverless event router that enables you to create scalable event-driven applications by routing events between your own applications, third-party SaaS applications, and other AWS services. You can set up routing rules to determine where to send your data, allowing applications to react to changes in your data as they occur. 

With read-only API events, customers can now build rich event-driven responses from any action taken on AWS infrastructure without having to poll a batch of log files to detect threats in real-time. For example, you can be alerted if a production account lists or enumerates resources from an IP address outside of your VPC. These events are opt-in for customers and you need to update your rule state via PutRule API to start receiving these events. If you have event patterns that match these events, your downstream services will start processing these additional events. To learn more, please visit our blog post and documentation

Read-only Management events are free for customers and are available across all AWS Regions where Amazon EventBridge is available.