Posted On: Nov 9, 2023

Customers can now create Amazon FSx for OpenZFS file systems in ten new AWS Regions: Middle East (Bahrain), Asia Pacific (Osaka), Europe (Milan), Europe (Paris), South America (São Paulo), Israel (Tel Aviv), Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Hyderabad), Asia Pacific (Jakarta), and Middle East (UAE).

Amazon FSx for OpenZFS provides fully managed, cost-effective, shared file storage powered by the popular OpenZFS file system, and is designed to deliver sub-millisecond latencies and multi-GB/s throughput along with rich ZFS-powered data management capabilities (like snapshots, data cloning, and compression). Starting today, customers can launch and use both Single-AZ and Multi-AZ file systems on FSx for OpenZFS in the ten additional AWS Regions mentioned above.

To learn more about Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, visit our product page, and see the AWS Region Table for complete regional availability information.