Posted On: Nov 9, 2023

Customers can now create Amazon FSx for OpenZFS Multi-AZ file systems in seven additional AWS Regions: Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Europe (London), Europe (Stockholm), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), and Asia Pacific (Hong Kong). Customers can also now create Amazon FSx for OpenZFS Single-AZ 2 file systems in two additional AWS Regions: Europe (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney).

Amazon FSx for OpenZFS provides fully managed, cost-effective, shared file storage powered by the popular OpenZFS file system, and is designed to deliver sub-millisecond latencies and multi-GB/s of throughput along with rich ZFS-powered data management capabilities (like snapshots, data cloning, and compression). It offers two deployment types: Single-AZ (built with a single file server in a single AZ) and Multi-AZ (built with a pair of file servers along with storage volumes in two different AZs with automatic replication and failover support). And, within the Single-AZ deployment type, the latest generation, Single-AZ 2, offers double the performance scalability as compared to the previous generation (Single-AZ 1), and delivers a high-speed NVMe read cache that automatically caches your most recently-accessed data, making it suitable for high-performance workloads such as media processing and rendering, financial analytics, and machine learning. Starting today, customers can launch and use Multi-AZ file systems in the seven additional AWS Regions mentioned above, and Single-AZ 2 file systems in the two additional AWS Regions mentioned above.

To learn more about Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, visit our product page, and see the AWS Region Table for complete regional availability information.