Posted On: Nov 20, 2023

Today, Amazon QuickSight is announcing the general availability of a native Google BigQuery connector that lets customers connect to Google BigQuery directly from Amazon QuickSight in a few simple steps. The launch provides QuickSight’s SPICE (Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine) support to quickly perform analyses on large datasets.

BigQuery is Google Cloud’s fully managed, petabyte-scale, and cost-effective analytics data warehouse that helps customers run analytics over vast amounts of data in near real-time. With BigQuery, there’s no infrastructure to set up or manage, letting customers focus on deriving meaningful insights. With this data connector launch, customers can directly select their Google BigQuery tables or use Custom SQL option to perform advanced analyses in QuickSight using its ML capabilities like Anomaly Detection, Forecasting and Natural Language Querying. For more details, please visit our blog post here.

Google BigQuery connector for QuickSight is now available in all supported Amazon QuickSight regions here.