Posted On: Nov 16, 2023

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Multi-AZ deployments with two readable standbys now supports minor version upgrades and system maintenance updates with typically less than one second of downtime when using Amazon RDS Proxy. This capability allows you to take advantage of the most recent performance improvements, bug fixes, and any new security fixes or patches from the latest minor versions of PostgreSQL and MySQL with minimal interruption to your application.

Currently, minor version upgrades or system maintenance updates for Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL or MySQL databases can take several minutes and require planned downtime. Starting today, you can reduce downtime of minor version upgrades and system maintenance to 35 seconds or less using Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments with two readable standbys, and you can further reduce downtime to less than a second by including Amazon RDS Proxy. In a few clicks, you can add a managed, serverless Amazon RDS Proxy to your RDS Multi-AZ deployments with two readable standbys. In addition to Amazon RDS Proxy, you can also use the open source AWS Advanced JDBC Driver.

Amazon RDS Proxy is supported on all versions of Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and MySQL available on RDS Multi-AZ Deployments with two readable standbys. For a full list of supported engine versions and regional availability, refer to the Amazon RDS User Guide.

Create or upgrade a fully managed Amazon RDS Multi-AZ database with two readable standby instances in the Amazon RDS Management Console. Learn more by reading our AWS Database blogs on Amazon RDS Proxy, AWS Advanced JDBC Driver, and RDS User Guide.