Posted On: Nov 29, 2023

Today, Amazon Redshift announces the general availability of support for Apache Iceberg tables. Now, you can easily access your Apache Iceberg tables on your data lake and join it with the data in your data warehouse. This capability offers increased performance whether you are accessing your data lake tables using auto-mounted AWS Glue catalog or external schemas. 

Amazon Redshift allows customers to run a wide range of workloads on data warehouse and data lakes leveraging its support for various open table formats such Apache Hudi and Delta Lake. Using Iceberg tables, you can now run transactionally consistent data lake queries while concurrently writing data using ACID compliant services such as Amazon EMR, Amazon Athena or AWS Glue. This launch also introduces support for Zstandard compression with Parquet data files and Apache Iceberg tables which provides higher compression rates and improved compression/decompression performance. With the recently introduced Iceberg support in the auto-mounted data catalogs, you can access to your existing Iceberg tables in your AWS Glue data catalogs using Redshift with no additional effort. 

You can use Apache Iceberg support in Amazon Redshift in all AWS Regions except China (Beijing) and China (Ningxia). To get started, visit the Amazon Redshift Management Guide