Posted On: Nov 21, 2023

Today, AWS Amplify announces a public preview of its code-first developer experience (Gen 2), enabling developers to build full-stack apps using TypeScript. Gen 2 shifts to a code-first approach that allows developers to express app requirements - data model, business logic, authorization rules - in TypeScript. The necessary cloud infrastructure is automatically deployed based on the app code, without explicit infrastructure definitions.

The Gen 2 experience streamlines full-stack development for organizations of all sizes with new capabilities:

  • Typescript-based @aws-amplify/backend libraries for auth and data with an intuitive file-based convention to help organize your backend code predictably, improving maintainability.
  • Generative AI integration with Amazon CodeWhisperer to configure backend features using natural language.
  • Per-developer cloud sandboxes for testing local edits. Preview changes on every save.
  • Streamlined production and staging deployments with zero-setup fullstack CI/CD.
  • New Amplify console with unified experience for hosting, secrets, data, user management.
  • Flexible deployment options - use custom pipelines, monorepos, or multiple repos.
  • AWS CDK developers can directly use underlying Auth and Data CDK constructs within their CDK project.

For more information about the AWS Regions where AWS Amplify’s code-first DX (Gen 2) is available, see the AWS Region table

Get started with Gen 2 by visiting the launch blog.