Posted On: Nov 30, 2023

Today, AWS Fault Injection Service (FIS) announces the availability of two new scenarios, AZ Availability: Power Interruption and Cross-Region: Connectivity. The AZ Availability: Power Interruption scenario allows you to determine how a multi-AZ application will operate while experiencing the expected symptoms of a complete power interruption in a single AZ. The Cross-Region: Connectivity scenario helps you determine that a multi-Region application will operate as expected when the application cannot access resources in another Region. 

The AZ Availability: Power Interruption scenario features many of the expected symptoms of a complete interruption of power in an AZ, including loss of zonal compute (Amazon EC2, EKS, and ECS), no re-scaling of compute in the AZ, subnet connectivity loss, RDS failover, ElastiCache failover, and unresponsive EBS volumes. The Cross-Region: Connectivity scenario includes fault actions to disrupt different types of connectivity from one Region to another, including cross-Region VPC traffic, including VPC Peering, cross-Region access to AWS public endpoints, cross-Region access to endpoints exposed via load balancer and API gateways, S3 cross-Region replication, and DynamoDB global tables replication. Running these scenarios enables you to uncover gaps in your multi-AZ or multi-Region application, as well as gaps in your monitoring, observability, alarms, and operational response, and help improve time to recovery.

These scenarios are available in all AWS Regions where FIS is available, including AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, at no additional costs. 

To get started using these new scenarios, log in to FIS in the AWS Management Console or view the documentation.