Posted On: Nov 26, 2023

Starting today, customers can now access their AWS Free Tier usage through the AWS SDK, command line, and 3rd party tools at no cost. Using this API, customers can programmatically track free tier usage against monthly usage limits, which allows customers to understand when their free usage will transition to pay-as-you-go pricing each month. This helps avoid unintended charges by comparing forecasted usage to the free tier limit for each service throughout the month. The AWS Free Tier allows customers to explore more than 100 AWS products by offering free usage each month.

The GetFreeTierUsage API is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Free Tier is available and is integrated with AWS CloudTrail to monitor and troubleshoot API activity.

Learn more about AWS Free Tier on the AWS Free Tier FAQs and in the Billing & Cost Management User Guide. Get started today by visiting AWS Free Tier console, AWS Command Line Interface, or using the AWS SDK.