Posted On: Nov 16, 2023

AWS announces the preview of AWS Integrated Application Test Kit (IATK), a new open-source test library that makes it easier for developers to create tests for cloud applications with increased speed and accuracy. With AWS IATK, developers can quickly write tests that exercise their code and its AWS integrations against an environment in the cloud, making it easier to catch mistakes early in the development process. IATK includes utilities to generate test events, validate event delivery and structure in Amazon EventBridge Event Bus, and assertions to validate call flow using AWS X-Ray traces.

Previously, in order to write effective tests against event driven applications, developers had to write custom logic to extract resource IDs from the application under test, and create and manage additional AWS resources as a test harness. The test design had to account for asynchronous operations, which resulted in long running or inconsistent tests. This complexity made testing less accessible for many developers. With IATK, the developer can use the library utilities to do this heavy lifting for them, while they focus on the business logic. IATK includes utilities to generate test events to invoke cloud applications, pull the required information needed from AWS, and manage any test resources required by the test.

IATK is available in Python (Preview) in all AWS Regions.

To get started, see the following resources: