Posted On: Nov 6, 2023

AWS Lambda now supports up to 5x faster polling scale-up rate (adding up to 300 concurrent executions per minute) for spiky Lambda workloads configured with Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) as an event source using Lambda event source mapping or Amazon EventBridge Pipes. This enables customers building event-driven applications using Lambda and SQS queues (standard or first-in, first-out) to achieve more responsive scaling during a sudden burst of messages in their queues, and reduces the need to duplicate Lambda functions or SQS queues to achieve faster message processing.

When a Lambda function subscribes to an SQS queue, Lambda polls the messages in the queue (adding up to 60 concurrent executions per minute depending on the message backlog), and invokes the Lambda function. For latency-sensitive event-driven applications, sudden spikes in messages can cause delays in your users’ experience. With today’s announcement, Lambda functions that subscribe to an SQS queue can scale up to five times faster for queues that see a spike in message backlog, adding up to 300 concurrent executions per minute, and enabling faster message processing.

This feature is generally available in all commercial AWS Regions that AWS Lambda exists in. 

The improved scaling rate is automatically applied to all Lambda functions configured with SQS using event source mapping or EventBridge Pipes, at no additional cost. To control the maximum concurrent executions, set Reserved concurrency for your Lambda function, or Maximum concurrency for your event source mapping. For more information on using Lambda with SQS, see Lambda documentation