Posted On: Nov 29, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of the AWS Resilience Competency to highlight AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical expertise and proven customer success helping customers improve the availability and resilience of their critical workloads in the cloud. AWS Resilience Competency Partners provide professional consulting and engineering services that are validated by AWS experts across three categories: Resilience Design, Resilience Operations, and Resilience Recovery. Partners with solutions validated by AWS in all three categories receive the Core Resilience designation, and are distinguished as providing the most comprehensive resilience services. AWS Resilience Competency Partners provide essential technical capabilities to help customers architect, develop, test, monitor, operate, and protect workloads in the cloud to achieve the utmost system uptime and availability needs. 

Complex systems are susceptible to a variety of failures - both small and large - throughout their lifespan, including code deployment issues, infrastructure problems, data and state failures, and natural disasters. As a result, organizations must expect and plan for system failures, and design their systems to withstand and recover from failures with minimal impact to end users. Remote teams, distributed systems, and frequent releases, combined with the customer expectations that applications are always on and always available, further highlight the need for increased resilience in today's business environment. 

AWS Resilience Competency Partners have distinguished themselves in providing these solutions to a wide variety of customers. They have also demonstrated the ability to perform these solutions repeatedly, at scale. Learn more about the AWS Resilience Competency and find a partner that is right for your needs.