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AWS Resilience Competency Partners specialize in improving customer’s critical workloads availability and resilience in the cloud. As each customer and their critical workloads are unique and have distinct availability requirements, AWS Resilience Competency Partners can provide guidance and solutions suitable to achieve the utmost system uptime requirements.

Implementing a resilient environment leverages a combination of AWS services, AWS global infrastructure, and the AWS Well-Architected Framework Operations Excellence and Reliability pillars. AWS Resilience Competency Partners meet a high bar in combining these 3 factors into resilient solutions, promoting resilience best practices to their customers. Companies who think holistically about system resilience can achieve greater system availability, directly impacting the company brand and their end-users’ experience.

With AWS Resilience Competency Partners, customers can trust that the professional, consulting, or engineering services provided have been validated by AWS experts to the technical bar of its new framework in the AWS Resilience Competency Partner categories: Resilience Design, Resilience Operations, and Resilience Recovery. AWS Resilience Partners who have achieved the Core Resilience designation demonstrate the most holistic set of consulting services for customers with solutions validated by AWS in all three categories. With this standardized approach, customers can achieve their resilience in the cloud goals with the expert assistance of AWS-validated Resilience Competency Partners in a simplified, phased approach.

The AWS Competency Program is designed to identify, validate, and promote AWS Partners with demonstrated AWS technical expertise and proven customer success. The AWS Resilience Competency has validated that the partners below have demonstrated they can help customers improve their resilience in the cloud.

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AWS Partners in this category demonstrate the most holistic set of consulting services for customers by qualifying for Resilience Design, Resilience Operations, and Resilience Recovery categories.

AWS Partners in this category have a proven track record of providing consulting services to help customers build cloud architecture for business-critical workloads that are sensitive to unplanned downtime. The guidance provided by the partners in this category validates that architectural design have a resilient posture and that minimal operation intervention is required to ensure the availability and continuity of business-critical workloads. Partners in this category also help customers design applications capable of withstanding service disruptions by utilizing resilient software design patterns, building a DevOps resilience practice and implementing self-healing mechanisms based on extensive observability of business, application metrics and AWS infrastructure health monitoring to implement built-in recovery to safeguard application availability needs.

AWS Partners in this category have a proven track record of providing services to test distributed applications that deliberately introduce failure and faulty scenarios to verify its resilience in the face of disruptions. Partners in this category are able to generate meaningful insights to monitor and predict customer resilience by using modern observability best practices. They also support customers in improving their centralized operations management incident handling posture leveraging self-healing automation, built-in best practices and integrations with customers’ existing operations, IT Service Management (ITSM) and 3rd-party tools.

AWS Partners in this category provide services to help customers to achieve their Business Continuity Plans by developing and implementing Disaster Recovery Solutions for cloud-based workloads. By working backward from customer business needs, partners in this category can design solutions for the most critical Recovery Point in Time (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and provide operation teams automated and simplified run-books to speed up a critical environment recovery after cyber-attacks, human error or other catastrophic events.

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