Posted On: Nov 17, 2023

AWS Supply Chain Demand Planning now offers a quicker and thus more user-friendly way to execute key workflows, such as displaying a forecast view based on given selected filters to refine the forecast. By improving database indexing and query performance, AWS Supply Chain Demand Planning delivers up to 75% lower read latencies. With this release, AWS Supply Chain Demand Planning also introduced upgrades to it forecasting capabilities to enable faster model training and predictions, resulting in up to 3x faster forecast generation than previous versions.

AWS Supply Chain Demand Planning generates more accurate demand forecasts, adjusts to market conditions, and empowers demand planners to collaborate across teams to help avoid excess inventory costs and waste. To help remove the manual effort and guesswork around demand planning, AWS Supply Chain uses ML to analyze historical sales data and real-time data (for example, open orders), create forecasts, and continually adjust models to improve accuracy.

This feature is offered to customers at no additional cost for all AWS Supply Chain customers and is available in all AWS regions where AWS Supply Chain is available. To learn more about AWS Supply, or to start your free trial, please visit AWS Supply Chain.