Posted On: Dec 8, 2023

Amazon CloudWatch now supports Metrics Insights in Cross-Account observability. With Amazon CloudWatch cross-account observability, you can use Metrics Insights to monitor and troubleshoot applications that span multiple accounts within a Region.

CloudWatch Metrics Insights is a powerful, high-performance SQL query engine that you can use to query metrics at scale. Using Cross-Account Metrics Insights you can now construct queries from a central monitoring account to aggregate infrastructure or applications metrics across multiple accounts. You can also set Cross Account Metrics Insights alarms that dynamically adjust across all your source accounts within a Region. 

Cross-Account Metrics Insights is now available in all commercial Amazon Web Services Regions.

To get started, you first need to setup CloudWatch cross-account observability. Once configuration is complete, please refer to CloudWatch Metrics Insights documentation for further information. Cross-account Metrics Insights queries run in the console free of charge. Standard pricing applies for the APIs and Alarms, see Amazon CloudWatch pricing page for details.