Posted On: Dec 29, 2023

Amazon EMR Release 7.0 ships with Amazon Linux 2023 and features Apache Spark 3.5 running on Amazon Corretto Release 17 (built on OpenJDK) by default. It supports the latest versions of Python 3.9, glibc 2.34, and enables you to ensure consistency of package versions and updates across your environment. The latest release ships with AWS SDK for Java 2.20.160, and upgrades to the latest versions for Apache Flink 1.18 and latest open table formats (Apache Iceberg 1.4.2, Apache Hudi 0.14 and Delta 3.0).

With Amazon EMR Release 7.0 ships with new enhancements which allow you to automatically observe and monitor your clusters. You can choose to publish system metrics to Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus or your self-managed Prometheus cluster, and analyze your metrics using CloudWatch dashboard, Amazon Managed Grafana, or through the APIs. You can learn more from the documention.

Amazon EMR has added support for 28 new Amazon EC2 instances in 2023, which are now available from Amazon EMR releases 5.36.1 and later, 6.10 and later, and 7.0 and later. You can view the instances available in each region using the list-supported-instance-types API or by referring to the documentation.

Amazon EMR release 7.0 is generally available in all regions where Amazon EMR is available. See Regional Availability of Amazon EMR, and our release notes for more details.