Posted On: Dec 4, 2023

Amazon Redshift now supports storing large objects, up to 16MB in size, in SUPER data type. When ingesting from JSON, PARQUET, TEXT, and CSV source files, you can load semi-structured data or documents as values in SUPER data type up to 16MB. Before this enhancement, you could load semi-structured data or documents in SUPER data type only up to 1MB.

Large SUPER object support helps avoid complex pre-loading transformations needed to store the source data in a SUPER datatype in Amazon Redshift. You can now directly ingest large data without extra processing. Once the data is in Amazon Redshift, you can use the flexibility of PartiQL language to explore and navigate through the data.

The SUPER data type support for storing large objects in Amazon Redshift is available in all commercial AWS regions where Amazon Redshift is available.

Refer to this documentation to learn more about the SUPER 16 MB data type support.