Posted On: Dec 5, 2023

Amazon Rekognition’s face-based features enable customers to analyze faces in images and videos at scale. Customers can use these features to support their various use cases, such as identity verification and media analysis. Today, Amazon Rekognition has launched Faces version 7. This version further improves accuracy and lowers latencies for near real-time face detection, compare, and search features. 

Customers in various industries, such as financial services, gig economy, telco, healthcare, and social media, use Rekognition face features like liveness detection, compare, and search for virtual onboarding, on-going authentication, and age-based access restriction. For example, customers can use Rekognition CompareFaces to identify the likelihood that an onboarding end-user’s live face matches the face from their government issued ID photo. Further, customers can use Rekognition SearchFaces to determine whether an onboarding end-user’s face matches an existing account or a previously flagged fraudulent offender. Faces version 7 delivers higher accuracy and lower latency to streamline genuine-end users’ experiences while also mitigating the risk of fraud.

Face version 7 is available in all supported regions at no additional cost. To get started, please visit the Rekognition Console or Face APIs documentation.