Posted On: Dec 11, 2023

Today, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) launched a new way to improve email delivery and engagement rates. SES’ Virtual Deliverability Manager will now proactively alert customers of gaps in sending configuration through Amazon EventBridge notifications. This helps customers quickly respond when sending configuration is incomplete, which helps increase email delivery and engagement rates.

Previously, SES' Virtual Deliverability Manager offered recommendations to optimize your email deliverability and engagement through the SES console and through the AWS API. Customers could check their recommendation list to see if any action was required, or implement custom workflows to monitor changes recommendations. Now, customers can use the channels supported by Amazon EventBridge to receive notifications when new recommendations are found, and find out when existing recommendations are resolved. Customers can receive email or text notifications by routing notifications to Amazon SNS, trigger custom workflows by routing to AWS Lambda, and much more. Customers have the flexibility to choose that channel they use to stay up-to-date with their sending configurations.

SES supports notifications for delivery improvement recommendations in all AWS regions where SES is available.

For more information, see the documentation for the Virtual Deliverability Manager advisor.