Posted On: Dec 7, 2023

AWS CodeDeploy now provides the ability to deploy your application one Availability Zone (AZ) at a time. Known as zonal deployment, it isolates the blast radius of any adverse in-place application deployments to a single AZ without impacting other AZs within an AWS Region.

By using zonal deployments for EC2, your application updates will deploy to a single AZ at a time. If the deployment of an AZ is successful, CodeDeploy will monitor your application and revert any regressions with CodeDeploy's rollback protection. To get started with zonal application deployments and receive additional protection for multi-AZ deployments, you only need to enable the configuration in your CodeDeploy deployment configuration.

Support for EC2 in-place zonal deployment is available in all AWS Regions where AWS CodeDeploy is available.

To learn more, see Zonal Deployment in the AWS CodeDeploy Developer Guide.