Posted On: Dec 6, 2023

AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator adds support for replatforming .NET and Java applications to Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) on AWS Fargate to make it easy for you to containerize applications with a guided experience. You can now create an orchestration workflow based on the predefined replatforming template, select the Amazon EC2 instances or application artifacts from Amazon S3, and run the workflow to containerize and deploy your applications on Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate for better agility and operational efficiency.

AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator is an orchestration engine for application migration and modernization on AWS. This launch expands the supported use cases from migration to modernization. For applications running on premises, you can use AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator to continue the container deployment on Amazon ECS after you rehost your applications to Amazon EC2 and create application artifacts in Amazon S3 using an AWS Systems Manager replatforming runbook. For applications on Amazon EC2, you can use AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator to specify the EC2 instances, choose applications from a dropdown list, containerize the selected applications, and deploy on Amazon ECS in one workflow.

You can now use the new feature in all Regions where AWS Migration Hub is available. For more information, see the AWS Region table.

This new feature is available at no additional cost. You only pay for the AWS resources that you provision. For more information, visit the AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator user guide.