Posted On: Jan 3, 2024

Amazon Cognito identity pools now enables you to manage quotas for commonly used operations to create and retrieve identities and manage tags for identity pools. This update makes it simple to view your quota usage and to better plan and architect your solution. For example, you now can now see the quotas for APIs such as GetID and TagResource in Service Quotas console. By leveraging AWS Service Quotas, you can quickly understand your applied service quota values for these identity pool APIs.

Amazon Cognito identity pools (federated identities) enable you to create unique identities allowing your users to federate with identity providers. Customers leverage Amazon Cognito identity pools to obtain temporary, limited-privilege AWS credentials to access AWS resources. Cognito identity pools supports federation with Apple, Google, Meta and Cognito user pools in addition to SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers.

You can access AWS Service Quotas through the AWS console, AWS APIs, and CLI. Integration with AWS Service Quotas is available in all AWS regions where Amazon Cognito is offered, except AWS China (Beijing) Region. You can learn more about Amazon Cognito by visiting Developer Guide and get started via our webpage.