Posted On: Jan 29, 2024

Starting today, EC2 Auto Scaling and EC2 Fleet customers who use attribute based instance type selection can define their Spot instances price protection limit as a percentage of an instances’ On-Demand price. With this new mechanism, customers have greater control over the instance types that are launched by EC2 Fleet or EC2 Auto Scaling, while also maximizing the benefit of Spot’s lower prices.

Attribute based instance-type selection is a feature of EC2 Fleet and EC2 Auto Scaling that lets customers express their instance requirements through a set of instance attributes, such as vCPU and memory. It enables customers to automatically use latest generation instance-types when they are released, and access broader range of EC2 capacity across instance-types. With price protection, customers can define a price limit that attribute based instance-type selection adheres to when selecting the instance types to provision. As the Spot prices change dynamically, this new mechanism provides customers an intuitive way to express their price protection limit for Spot Instances that ensures customers will save money vs On Demand. 

Attribute based instance selection of Spot instances is available in all commercial AWS regions and the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To get started, refer the user guide for EC2 Auto Scaling or EC2 Fleet