Posted On: Feb 23, 2024

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Elastic Clusters now support automated backups and the ability to copy snapshots. These new features enhance your application resilience and recovery objectives of your Elastic Clusters.

Amazon DocumentDB now backs up your Elastic Cluster volume automatically on a daily basis, and retains backup data for the length of the backup retention period (between one and 35 days). Backups have no impact on database availability and performance. You can also now copy manual and automatic snapshots within the same AWS Region within the same account. To restore your data, you can create a new cluster quickly from an automated backup or a cluster snapshot

DocumentDB Elastic Clusters enable you to elastically scale your document database to handle millions of reads and writes per second with petabytes of storage. To learn more, read the documentation, and get started by creating an Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters using only a few steps in the AWS Management Console. For pricing and region availability, visit the pricing page.