Posted On: Feb 29, 2024

Amazon EventBridge API destinations now supports custom HTTP content-type header values for API destinations connection resources and when using API destinations as a target in EventBridge Event Buses or Pipes.

Web applications, also referred to as webhooks, are commonly used targets in event-driven architectures built with Amazon EventBridge. To correctly parse the event contained in an HTTP request, these applications rely on the HTTP content-type header, such as “text/plain;v=1.0” for API versioning and “application/cloudevents+json” for structured CloudEvents. Previously, API destinations used a static content-type “application/json” for all requests. Now, customers can define their own content-type, unlocking more HTTP targets and applications for their API destinations and support for CloudEvents.

Amazon EventBridge API destinations are HTTP endpoints that you can invoke as the target of a rule or pipe, similar to how you invoke an AWS service or resource as a target. Using API destinations, you can route events from EventBridge event sources to integrated software as a service (SaaS) applications and your applications outside of AWS by using API calls.

Amazon EventBridge API destinations content-type header customization is available at no additional charge for customers across all AWS Regions where EventBridge API destinations is available. To get started, please refer to the API destinations user guide.