Posted On: Feb 1, 2024

Today, we are excited to launch the ability for Amazon Monitron customers to use a static IP to commission their devices. Our gateway devices securely transfer Monitron vibration and temperature sensor data to the AWS Cloud, where the Monitron service analyzes the data for abnormal machine patterns using machine learning. Today, customers with firewall protection have to allow-list whole subdomains of to enable this communication between the sensors installed in their factories and the AWS Cloud. Some customer prefer not to allow-list a full domain/subdomain due to security reasons. Others find it challenging due to limitations in their firewall configuration capabilities.

With this launch, newly commissionned gateways will have static IPs enabled. Customers can then configure fine-grained rules in their firewalls to filter specific IP addresses instead of a domain name. These addresses (see this documentation page) will be static and only dependent on the region where they use Amazon Monitron, making it easy to allow-list up to three IP addresses in their firewall rules.

Amazon Monitron is an end-to-end system that uses machine learning to detect abnormal conditions in industrial equipment and enable predictive maintenance. Amazon Monitron includes purpose-built sensors to capture vibration and temperature data; gateways to automatically transfer data to the AWS Cloud; and a mobile and web application for system setup, analytics, and notification.

To learn more about this capability, see our documentation. This capability is available in all Regions where Amazon Monitron is publicly available. For more information about region availability, see AWS Regional Services.