Posted On: Feb 27, 2024

The Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Multi-AZ deployments with two readable standbys now supports next-generation General Purpose gp3 storage volumes. Amazon RDS gp3 volumes give you the flexibility to provision storage performance independently of storage capacity, paying only for the resources you need. Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments with two readable standbys provides up to 2x faster transaction commit latency, automated failovers typically under 35 seconds, and two readable standby instances.

Amazon RDS offers storage types that differ in performance characteristics and price. General Purpose (SSD) storage offers a cost-effective option that is ideal for a broad range of small to medium sized database workloads and development and testing environments. gp3 volumes provide you the ability to select from 20 GiB to 64 TiB of storage capacity, with a baseline storage performance of 3,000 IOPS included with the price of storage. For workloads that need even more performance, you can scale up to 64,000 IOPS for an additional cost.

For a full list of Multi-AZ Deployments with two readable standbys regional availability and supported engine versions, refer to the Amazon RDS User Guide.

Create or update a fully managed Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployment with two readable standbys instance with a General Purpose gp3 volume in few clicks in the Amazon RDS Management Console. To learn more about Amazon RDS storage choices, visit the Amazon RDS User Guide.