Posted On: Feb 1, 2024

Starting today, we are updating the AWS Free Tier for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, 12 month free, to include 750 hours of public IPv4 address usage per month. If you are an existing or new AWS Free Tier customer for Amazon EC2, you will get 750 hours public IPv4 address usage per month free when launching any EC2 instance with a public IPv4 address. 

AWS Free Tier for Amazon EC2 applies to in-use public IPv4 address usage. Usage beyond 750 hours per month of in-use public IPv4 address will be charged at $0.005 per IP per hour as announced in this AWS News blog. There is no change in pricing for idle public IPv4 addresses that you allocate in your account but don’t attach to an EC2 instance. IPv4 addresses that you own and bring to AWS using Amazon BYOIP will continue to be free. You can track your public IPv4 address usage using AWS Cost Explorer and can monitor and audit your use of public IPv4 addresses with Public IP Insights. You can also refer to our blog Identify and optimize public IPv4 address usage on AWS for more details.

The update to the AWS Free Tier for Amazon EC2 applies to all AWS commercial regions and AWS China regions, and public IPv4 address charges apply to all AWS commercial, AWS China, and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. For more details on AWS Free Tier, refer AWS Free Tier FAQs page. To learn more about pricing for public IPv4 addresses, refer Amazon VPC Pricing page. To see a list of services that use public IPv4 addresses, refer Amazon VPC documentation page.