Posted On: Mar 25, 2024

Today we are announcing the availability of the fourth quarterly update for Amazon Linux 2023, AL2023.4 as well as the Amazon Linux 2023 EKS optimized AMI. Amazon EKS customers can now use the standard AL2023-based EKS optimized Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with Managed Node Groups, self-managed nodes, and Karpenter, and is available across all supported version of Amazon EKS. To learn more about using Amazon Linux 2023 with EKS, see Amazon EKS optimized Amazon Linux AMIs.

Additionally, with the AL2023.4 release, customers can now use new packages such as mock, lustre-client, fetchmail, and smart-restart. Mock provides customers the ability to create a self-contained directory structure (known as a chroot environment), allowing customers to construct packages without impacting the primary system. Lustre file system helps optimize file access and data transfer in high-performance computing environments. Fetchmail enables customers to remotely retrieve and forward emails. Smart-restart provides a way for customers to restart services after the libraries they link against have been updated. To learn more about all features and packages in AL2023.4, see release notes.

Amazon Linux 2023 is generally available in all AWS Regions, including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions and the China Regions. To learn more about Amazon Linux 2023, see the AWS documentation.