Posted On: Mar 8, 2024

Today, AWS announces that Amazon Aurora ML now provides access to foundation models available in Amazon Bedrock directly through SQL in the Aurora MySQL 3.06 version.

Amazon Aurora ML exposes models as SQL functions, allowing you to use standard SQL to pass data to models and return model output as query results. It provides simple, optimized, and secure integration between Aurora and AWS machine learning services without having to build custom integrations or move data around. As an example, Aurora ML and Bedrock together can enable real-time summarization of customer support notes in Aurora to accelerate case resolution. Aurora ML can also pass current and relevant database information to Bedrock to improve chatbot responses.

The Aurora MySQL 3.06 release is available in all AWS regions where Aurora MySQL is available. To get started with Aurora ML, customers should install the Aurora ML extension and follow these instructions. To get started with Amazon Bedrock, customers should navigate to Amazon Bedrock in the AWS console. To learn more, visit the Amazon Aurora webpage or Amazon Bedrock webpage.