Posted On: Mar 27, 2024

Amazon ElastiCache Serverless adds more control over scaling the cache, by enabling customers to set a minimum limit for data storage and request rate. With ElastiCache Serverless, you can create a highly available and scalable cache in less than a minute by just specifying a name. ElastiCache Serverless automatically scales to accommodate your workload’s fluctuating traffic patterns. Now, you can pre-scale a serverless cache for anticipated scaling events by setting a minimum usage limit for data storage or request rate.

With ElastiCache Serverless for Redis and Memcached, you can accelerate application performance without needing to manage infrastructure and capacity. ElastiCache Serverless supports fully automatic scaling for a wide variety of workloads, by continually monitoring the memory, compute, and network utilization of the cache and scaling to accommodate application traffic. If you are anticipating a sudden increase in data storage or request rate on your cache, you can scale your cache in advance by setting a minimum limit.

The ability to set a minimum scaling limit for ElastiCache Serverless is available in all AWS commercial regions including China regions. To get started, create an ElastiCache Serverless cache in just a few steps by specifying a cache name and specifying the usage limits using the AWS Management Console, ElastiCache Software Development Kit (SDK), or AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI). To learn more, visit Amazon ElastiCache and the ElastiCache user guides.