Posted On: Apr 11, 2024

AWS HealthImaging has upgraded its search functionality so that customers can more easily find and access their medical imaging data in the cloud. These enhancements simplify finding any patient exam, for use as a clinical prior, to inform a clinical workflow, or for processing by medical imaging AI/ML models.

Today, HealthImaging made it possible to search on the DICOM SeriesInstanceUID attribute, and to search on the UpdatedAt attribute to find data updated within a specific time frame. Further, search queries now return DICOM Series-level metadata in responses, extending the responses from twelve (12) to sixteen (16) fields.

AWS HealthImaging is a HIPAA-eligible service that empowers healthcare providers and their software partners to store, analyze, and share medical images at petabyte scale. With AWS HealthImaging, you can run your medical imaging applications at scale from a single, authoritative copy of each medical image in the cloud, while reducing infrastructure costs.

AWS HealthImaging is generally available in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Europe (Ireland).

To learn more, visit AWS HealthImaging.