Posted On: Apr 30, 2024

Today, Amazon Timestream for LiveAnalytics announces Timestream Compute Unit (TCU), serverless compute capacity, for customers to predict and control query costs. With TCUs, you are charged for the duration of compute units (TCU) used by your queries, and there are no minimum bytes metered for queries.

Amazon Timestream for LiveAnalytics is a serverless time-series database that automatically scales to ingest and analyze gigabytes of time-series data. With Timestream Compute Units, you can leverage the pay-per-use pricing with the ability to control the number of TCUs used by your queries, providing the ability to control query costs and adhere to budgets. As the compute units can execute queries concurrently, you can also cost-effectively scale your workload without any per query minimum bytes metered. To get started, use the management console, AWS SDK, or CLI to configure the maximum Timestream Compute Units for your account. New Timestream customers will use TCUs for query pricing. Existing customers can do a one-time opt-in (optional) to use TCUs for better cost controls and to remove per query minimum bytes metered.

Timestream compute units will be the default query pricing and is available in all AWS regions the service operates. As Timestream for LiveAnalytics expands to existing AWS regions, the TCU query pricing will be the only option. To learn more about the Timestream Compute Units, see the developer guide. For pricing, visit Timestream pricing page.