Posted On: May 13, 2024

Amazon EMR 7.1 introduces the capability to configure Amazon CloudWatch Agent to publish additional metrics for Apache Hadoop, YARN, and Apache HBase applications running on your Amazon EMR on EC2 clusters. This feature provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track the performance and health of your cluster more effectively. 

Amazon EMR automatically publishes a set of free metrics every five minutes for monitoring cluster activity and health. Starting with Amazon EMR Release 7.0, you can install the Amazon CloudWatch Agent to publish 34 paid metrics to Amazon CloudWatch every minute. With Amazon EMR 7.1, you can now configure the agent to send additional paid metrics, providing even deeper visibility into your cluster's performance. Furthermore, you can opt to send these metrics to an Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus endpoint, if you are already using Prometheus to monitor your enterprise metrics.

Additional metrics are is available with Amazon EMR release 7.1, in all regions where Amazon EMR is available. See Regional Availability of Amazon EMR, and our release notes for more details. You will be charged separately for any metrics published by Amazon CloudWatch Agent to Amazon CloudWatch or Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus. To learn how to configure additional metrics for Amazon CloudWatch agent, read the documentation in the Amazon EMR Release Guide.