Amazon RDS Extended Support APIs are now available

Posted on: May 22, 2024

Amazon Aurora and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) announce the availability of Extended Support APIs for automated database management. You can use these APIs to create new databases or restore existing snapshots, and specify whether or not they will be in Extended Support. You can also use these APIs to view the Extended Support status of your existing databases. When your databases are in Extended Support, Amazon RDS will provide critical security and bug fixes for your MySQL and PostgreSQL databases after the community ends support for a major version, to give you time to upgrade to a newer community-supported version.

Starting today, when you create or restore a database running MySQL 5.7, PostgreSQL 11, or higher major version on Aurora or RDS, it will be subject to Extended Support automatically. This ensures that your existing scripts and automation will work as expected. However, you can choose to override this behavior using the Amazon RDS Console, AWS CLI, and the Extended Support APIs. To learn more about opting out of Extended Support when creating or restoring databases, and viewing the Extended Support status via the Amazon API, AWS CLI or Amazon RDS Console, refer to the Amazon RDS User Guide.

Amazon RDS Extended Support APIs are available for Aurora MySQL-Compatible version 2 and higher, Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible version 11 and higher, RDS for MySQL major versions 5.7 and higher, and RDS for PostgreSQL major versions 11 and higher.

Learn more about pricing details and timelines for Extended Support on the Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS for MySQL and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL pricing pages.