Posted On: May 15, 2024

Today, AWS announces the general availability of TLS Passthrough for Amazon VPC Lattice, which allows customers to enable end-to-end authentication and encryption using their existing TLS/mTLS implementations. Prior to this launch, VPC Lattice supported HTTP and HTTPS listener protocols only, which terminates TLS and performs request level routing and load balancing based on information in HTTP headers.

With this launch, you can configure a TLS listener, which routes traffic based on the server name indicator (SNI) field of a TLS/mTLS connection, allowing you to perform end-to-end authentication and encryption between your TCP and HTTP services without terminating TLS in VPC Lattice. 

For more information, visit the Amazon VPC Lattice product detail page and TLS pass-through documentation. For details on pricing, please visit the VPC Lattice pricing page.