Amazon VPC Lattice

Simplify service-to-service connectivity, security, and monitoring

Simplify and automate service connectivity using Amazon VPC Lattice to discover and securely connect services across VPCs and accounts.

Create an improved and more consistent security posture with reliable authentication and context-specific authorization.

Scale compute and network resources automatically to support high-bandwidth HTTP, HTTPS, and gRPC workloads.

Improve productivity and deployment flexibility with support for instances, containers, and serverless compute.

How it works

Amazon VPC Lattice is an application networking service that consistently connects, monitors, and secures communications between your services, helping to improve productivity so that your developers can focus on building features that matter to your business. You can define policies for network traffic management, access, and monitoring to connect compute services in a simplified and consistent way across instances, containers, and serverless applications.

Diagram shows how Amazon VPC Lattice works as a service network manager by creating service networks, defining access, and sharing with other accounts. Described at the link "Enlarge and read image description."

Use cases

Simplify service-to-service connectivity at scale

Connect thousands of services across VPCs and accounts without increasing network complexity.

Enhance application-layer security

Improve service-to-service security and support Zero Trust architectures with centralized access controls, authentication, and context-specific authorization.

Implement advanced traffic management

Apply granular traffic controls, such as request-level routing and weighted targets, for blue/green and canary deployments.

Gain visibility into service-to-service interactions

Monitor and troubleshoot service-to-service communication for request type, traffic volume, errors, response time, and more.

How to get started

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