Posted On: May 7, 2024

AWS Budgets now supports resource and tag-based access controls for easy management and access. You can now add tags to your AWS Budgets resources and define AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies to specify fine-grained permissions for AWS Budgets resources based on their resource names and tags, improving governance and information security through these two granular access control features.

With resource-level access controls, you can configure IAM policies that reference budgets using Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) or wildcards, and specify the users, roles and actions that are permitted on the resources. Using tag-based permissions, you can define IAM policies that specify permissions for tagged budgets. For example, you can tag a budget based on a business unit and limit control over those resources to the members of that business unit.

Resource and tag based access controls for AWS Budgets is available in all AWS commercial regions, excluding China. You can get started with these new features using the AWS Budgets console or programmatically via the public APIs at no additional cost. To get started, visit AWS Budgets and to learn more visit Using Resource and Tag based access control for budgets.

Budget tagging is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Budgets is available and is integrated with AWS CloudTrail to monitor and troubleshoot API activity.