AWS Chatbot now supports tagging of AWS Chatbot resources

Posted on: May 24, 2024

AWS Chatbot now enables customers to tag AWS Chatbot resources. Tags are simple key-value pairs that customers can assign to AWS resources such as AWS Chatbot channel configurations to easily organize, search, identify resources, and control access.

Prior to today, customers could not tag AWS Chatbot resources. As a result, they could not use tag-based controls to manage access to AWS Chatbot resources. By tagging AWS Chatbot resources, customers can now enforce tag-based controls in their environments. Customers can manage tags for AWS Chatbot resources using the AWS CLI, SDKs, or AWS Management Console.

AWS Chatbot support for tagging Chatbot resources is available at no additional cost in all AWS Regions where AWS Chatbot service is offered. To learn more, visit the AWS Chatbot Tagging your AWS Chatbot resources documentation page.