AWS CloudFormation accelerates dev-test cycle with a new parameter for DeleteStack API

Posted on: May 22, 2024

AWS CloudFormation launches a new parameter called DeletionMode for the DeleteStack API. This new parameter allows customers to safely delete their CloudFormation stacks that are in DELETE_FAILED state.

Today, customers create, update, delete, and re-create CloudFormation stacks when iterating on their cloud infrastructure in their dev-test environments. Customers can use the DeleteStack CloudFormation API to successfully delete their stacks and stack resources. However, certain stack resources can prevent the DeleteStack API to successfully complete for e.g. when customers attempt to delete non-empty Amazon S3 buckets. The DeleteStack API can enter into the DELETE_FAILED state in such scenarios. With this launch, customers can pass FORCE_DELETE_STACK value to the new DeletionMode parameter and delete such stacks.

DeletionMode parameter for the DeleteStack API is available in AWS Regions where CloudFormation is available. Refer to the AWS Region table to see AWS Regions where CloudFormation is available.

To learn more about DeletionMode, refer to the DeleteStack API documentation.