AWS Application Composer Features

AWS Application Composer helps you visually compose and configure modern applications from AWS services backed by deployment-ready infrastructure as code (IaC).


Visual canvas

AWS Application Composer helps you drag and drop any AWS CloudFormation resource onto a visual, canvas from Visual Studio (VS) Code or from the AWS Console. The Step Functions Workflow Studio integration provides a drag-and-drop interface to build a workflow and integrate the workflow’s tasks with over 220 AWS services using Application Composer’s click-to-connect integration.

Configuration generation

From visual diagrams, Application Composer can automatically generate ready-to-deploy, fully configured infrastructure as code (IaC) AWS CloudFormation templates for 13 enhanced resources including AWS Lambda Function, Amazon Kinesis Stream, EventBridge Schedule, API Gateway, Amazon SQS Queue and AWS Step Functions State Machine, and produce CloudFormation template for all 1,000+ resources that CloudFormation supports.

Synchronization between visual diagram and IaC

AWS Application Composer maintains a real-time visual representation of your application architecture in sync with your IaC. Changes to the architecture—such as adding new resources or changing service configuration—are reflected in the IaC artifacts, and vice versa.

IDE Experience

IDE extension in Visual Studio (VS) Code

Application Composer extends visual IaC authoring experience to VS Code, and compliments the existing tools and workflows you have today. You can pair Application Composer’s visualization and CloudFormation template editing side by side in your IDE.

Generative AI powered code suggestions in IDE extension

Application Composer IDE Extension, as part of the AWS Toolkit for VS Code, offers generative AI powered code suggestions. With this, you not only get help starting a new CloudFormation template, but you can also generate a resource configuration directly from the Application Composer’s resource configuration interface.