AWS Application Composer Features

AWS Application Composer helps you visually compose and configure serverless applications from AWS services backed by deployment-ready infrastructure as code (IaC).

Remove guesswork from composing serverless applications with the visual canvas

AWS Application Composer helps you drag and drop serverless resources onto a visual, browser-based canvas. You can connect them to quickly create your serverless application architecture. The canvas also supports grouping of resources into larger architectural components to simplify editing and configuration.

Streamline common tasks, such as generating deployment-ready configuration

AWS Application Composer can generate deployment-ready configuration with default settings based on the services that make up your application architecture. AWS Application Composer supports generating both AWS CloudFormation and AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) artifacts.

Rapidly synchronize your architecture diagram and your IaC

AWS Application Composer maintains a real-time visual representation of your application architecture in sync with your IaC. Changes to the architecture—such as adding new resources or changing service configuration—are reflected in the IaC artifacts, and vice versa.

Powered by CloudFormation and AWS SAM

You can import your existing CloudFormation or AWS SAM IaC template, and AWS Application Composer will provide an editable visualization.