AWS Application Discovery Service

Discover on-premises server inventory and behavior to plan cloud migrations

Deploy 1,000 on-premises collectors

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How it works

AWS Application Discovery Service helps you plan cloud migration projects by gathering information about your on-premises data centers.

Diagram shows how AWS Application Discovery Service collects on-premises data about servers, APIs, and utilization data.

Use cases

Discover on-premises server and database inventory

Conduct inventory discovery to help accelerate migration by gathering server and database configuration information, operating system version history, and key resource allocation details.

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Map network communication patterns

Examine the connections between applications and servers to uncover unknown servers, better understand dependencies, and establish move groups.

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Mobilize for migration

Gather utilization data to generate rightsized Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances and plan for migration in Migration Hub or in AWS Database Migration Service.

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How to get started

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Select your on-premises discovery tool

Compare multiple Application Discovery Service collection options to find the best fit.

Find out how Application Discovery Service works

Learn more about data management, console navigation, troubleshooting, security, and more.

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