Posted On: Nov 29, 2021

Amazon Personalize now offers intelligent user segmentation which allows you to run more effective prospecting campaigns through your marketing channels. Traditionally, user segmentation has relied on demographic information and manually curated business rules to make assumptions about users’ intentions and assign them to pre-defined audience segments. Amazon Personalize uses machine learning techniques to learn about your items, users, and how your users interact with your items. Amazon Personalize segments users based on their preferences for different products, categories, brands, and more. This can help you drive higher engagement with marketing campaigns, increase retention through targeted messaging, and improve the return on investment for your marketing spend.

Our new recipes are simple to use. Provide Amazon Personalize with data about your items and your users’ interactions and Amazon Personalize will learn your users’ preferences. When given an item or item-attribute Amazon Personalize recommends a list of users sorted by their propensity to interact with the item or items that share the attribute.

Amazon Personalize enables you to personalize your website, app, ads, emails, and more, using the same machine learning technology as used by Amazon, without requiring any prior machine learning experience. To get started with Amazon Personalize, visit our documentation.