Getting Started with the AWS Transfer Family

Set up your server endpoint, users and bucket

After learning about the AWS Transfer Family, it's easy to sign up and get started hosting your file transfers in AWS. Here are the simple steps to get started.


Sign up for a free AWS account

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Learn more about the AWS Transfer Family

You can dig into the FAQs for key facts, and dive deeper in the docs. Also, stay tuned for more videos, blogs, and demos.

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Go to the Console

The AWS Transfer Family console is where you manage all of your SFTP, FTPS, or FTP service operations.

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Create endpoint and map your hostname

Deploy your SFTP, FTPS, or FTP server endpoint, and associate your preferred hostname with it.


Set up your users

Select your identity provider and set up your users’ access to your endpoint.


Select your Amazon S3 buckets or Amazon EFS file systems

Assign IAM roles to access your S3 buckets or EFS file systems for storing the data transferred over SFTP, FTPS, or FTP.

Check out this quick video for a step-by-step walk through on how you can get started on realizing the benefits of leveraging the AWS Transfer Family.

AWS Transfer Family - Demo (9:32)

Additional resources

Learn more about AWS Transfer Family

Get more of the details on the AWS Transfer Family by reading the FAQs.

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Get started building with the AWS Transfer Family in the AWS Management Console.

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