The unapologetically technical livestream showcasing how we go all in with our customers for IoT innovation.

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This advanced livestream series highlights compelling IoT projects and offering expert insight to get the most out of the IoT-related services at AWS.

Series Hosts

Rudy C
Senior Solutions Architect
Rudy Chetty

Rudy enables AWS Solutions Architects to better serve customers and educates audiences via several initiatives like Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Security Fundamentals and many more! He loves to be front and center teaching students, presenting at conferences and running workshops to transfer the knowledge he has gained in his career.

Rudy C
Head of Worldwide Solutions Architect
Olawale Oladehin

In his current role at AWS, Wale is responsible for building and managing a team of world-class, customer facing Solutions Architects focusing on IoT, Robotics, and Kinesis Video worldwide. He has worked as an engineer specializing in connectivity,  device management, and video processing with over 10 years of IT experience. 

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