Amazon Athena for Apache Spark

Run interactive analytics on Apache Spark in under a second

Get started with interactive analytics using Amazon Athena for Apache Spark in under a second to analyze petabytes of data. Interactive Spark applications start instantly and run faster with our optimized Spark runtime, so you spend more time on insights, not waiting for results. Build Spark applications using the expressiveness of Python with a simplified notebook experience in an Athena console or through Athena APIs. With the Athena serverless, fully managed model, there are no resources to manage, provision, and configure and no minimum fee or setup cost. You only pay for the queries that you run.

Introducing Amazon Athena for Apache Spark


Accelerate time to insights

Spend more time on insights, not on waiting for results. Interactive Spark applications start in under a second and run faster with our optimized Spark runtime.

Harness Spark for complex, powerful analytics

Use the expressiveness of Python with the popular open-source Spark framework to seek more complex insights from your data. Use notebooks to query data, chain calculations, and visualize results.

Build applications without managing resources

Run Spark applications cost-effectively, without provisioning and managing resources. Build Spark applications without worrying about Spark configurations or version upgrades.

Work with your data where it lives

Work with data in various data lakes, in open-data formats, and with your business applications without moving the data. Use data discovered and categorized by AWS Glue to build your Spark insights.

How it works

Diagram of how Athena for Apache Spark can query data from multiple sources, integrate that data with the AWS Glue Data Catalog, and build applications for interactive analytics.

Use cases

Explore data where it lives

Use Athena and AWS Glue to explore datasets and work with data. 

Generate insights across multiple datasets

View various datasets and data formats together to formulate insights.

Connect your business applications with data

Build SaaS applications that use Athena for Apache Spark to interactively work with data.

Bring your data lakes and ML together

Explore data stores to generate sample datasets and interactive feature generation.

How to get started

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Pay only for what you use.

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